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We build a bridge between manufacturers and IT solution providers, who provide end customers with these solutions. We believe in extensive pre-sales and after-sales support and a wide range of services. We deliver professional advisory services and come up with unique tailor-made solutions

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DNS Services

Do you need to ensure a complete cycle of preparation and implementation of an IT project - pre-sales support, support during the actual implementation or after-sales support?

Using our vendors’ portfolio we analyze and propose complex solutions which includes joint partner presentations towards clients.

Services we provide you with:

  • analysis and presentation of results of the customer's existing IT infrastructure, evaluation, reporting
  • advisory, analytical services, proof of concept (POC) and other tailored services
  • consultating on solution proposals including optimization from the point of view of licensing policies and licensing programs
  • audits and proposals for the correct licensing programs and models
  • configurations of performance requirements of customer applications
  • Software Asset Management (SAM) audits, pre-audit or self-audit

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We design best-fit products, technologies and services for any phase of the project, so that its implementation is successful, suits the customer to the maximum and is of benefit to him.

Based on our experience is previous experience and demanding certifications of our experts, we build complete solutions, e.g. complicated configuration and detailed solutions including analysis, recommended solutions and implementations.

Presale support includes

  • support of VAD-reseller-customer sales scheme
  • preparation of business offers for technical solutions – configuration, sizing, design of complex projects
  • including integration of hardware, software and services
  • practical verification of the technical solution functionality
  • demo Labs with ICT technologies for verification of the technical solutions functionality and the possibility of practical testing
  • both short and long term loans of technology for testing, application development or presentation for the end customer

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When ordering and purchasing the goods and material from the manufacturer for our partners, we register opportunities (booking) with the manufacturer, we communicate and ensure project prices.

We start all connected parts of the purchasing process at the time when partner defines the business opportunity and specifies the planned project.

  • we negotiate with the manufacturer regarding products specification and best price offers
  • we control the quality and product and services availability in order to ensure required quantity
  • we place orders and negotiate delivery and payment terms
  • we deal with complaints and returns of the goo from customers

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We can transfer or store practially any elements and products regardless of wheter it is a single piece or several trucks with the complete equipment of a new data center.

Services we can provide:

  • timed transport
  • specialized transport
  • DNS storage facilities with ISO certification
  • transport order (Czech, international)
  • moving services
  • picking up goods (shipments, consolidation)
  • handling of waste and packaging according to REMA/Eko-kom
  • proven contacts with quality carriers

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We operate independently across the entire ecosystem of manufacturers, partners and end customers. We have technical knowledge and complement the competences of partners in implementations and other support such as so-called "middle-ware" - we "got our partners' back"

Our main services include:

  • implementation services and deployment of delivered solutions and software
  • project management (PMO)
  • maintenance and monitoring, help with solving technical problems of single products
  • technical help desk (troubleshooting) with certified personnel
  • providing service support and solving technical problems with the possibility of using the vendor's resources
  • cyber security Partners can use technical support from the moment of the first contact with the customer.

We have united professional services across our company under ServiceHUB.

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Project management is a key factor in project implementation. Altough our partners are aware of this, they often do not have sufficient internal resources or knowledge, which is why, in addition to our support, we offer project management services, where we among other provide:

  • project team composed of IT experts for the specific technology
  • project plan and timetable including budget, resources and potential risks treatment
  • project implementation, timely delivery and testing
  • monitoring the start-up and operation of the technology, including errors and deviations tracking and their corrections
  • final control and handover of the project
  • reduction of overall project management and implementation costs

Overall, project management outsourcing provides resources for successful project completion, guarantees successful delivery and operation, while reducing project costs and risks.


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We provide training for partners and their clients both online and offline. We are an authorized training center for Fortinet and selected vendors and an authorized provider of internationally recognized Pearson VUE certification tests.

We provide product, technical and process presentations and tailor-made training, including:

  • education of partners and their customers in the form of presentations, workshops and seminars
  • introduction of new products
  • presentation of case studies
  • we provide complete license policy training (on-premise/cloud)
  • tailor-made training for partners and end customers
  • we conduct training in person and online
  • Pearson VUE certification tests

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We help our partners and end customers with the financing of IT projects according to its scope and goals. For selected manufacturers we enable leasing of IT infrastructure (as-a-service) for the use of IT equipment based on monthly installments, instead of purchasing and paying the total price at the beginning.

Services we can provide:

  • individual setting of credit frames and maturities
  • extended maturity
  • repayment schedule
  • intermediation of loans, leasing, equipment rentals

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We represent both domestic and foreign manufacturers and partners on the local market. We promote their brands and products and provide complete marketing services from go-to-market and strategic marketing, through digital services and performance campaigns to complete outsourcing in the form of packages or services tailor-made.

Our marketing services and sales support:

  • marketing and communication strategy including go-2-market
  • implementation of joint marketing events and campaigns
  • content and direct marketing
  • digital marketing including website creation and SEO
  • management and use of marketing funds provided by manufacturers

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We are expanding our offer with technical and non-technical services and increasing our market share in VAD. We bring new types of services to everything we offer and to whom we represent, including project management, implementation support, consultations, etc. Thanks to our technical knowledge and experience from previous practice and demanding certifications of our experts, we build entire solutions, e.g. complicated assemblies, analyses and POC ( proof of concept), methodical support of the project and its management, and other related services.

We offer our professional services as technical services, project management, and add-on services:

Technical Services:

  • Analytical Services & POC
  • Consulting services and pre-sales support
  • Implementation & APOS services


Find more information on the ServiceHUB page.

DNS technology

We offer technologies and products from industry leaders, from narrowly focused software solutions to sophisticated hardware. We supply solutions in the field of security, data analytics, servers, data storage, network infrastructure or software.

Network infrastructure

We supply hardware and software elements of the network infrastructure by connecting IT, computers and other devices within the network and communication between them - cables, routers, firewalls, switches, servers, network management software and other equipment needed for network operation. We help with the configuration of complex solutions, from analysis of customer needs to infrastructure design, technical and implementation support.

Data centers

We distribute hardware components for data centers that meet the criteria of continuous availability, connectivity and security, such as servers, data storage, routers, switches, racks, etc. At the same time, we supply accessories to reduce operating costs, increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption and costs, e.g. cooling and device backup.

Cyber security

We work with manufacturers and suppliers who are the leaders in the field of cyber security, ensuring the security of critical systems and sensitive information. We help you to be protected against digital attacks, we help you to protect your network, devices, applications, systems and data, as well as set up security processes. We can train your teams and your customers.

Software solutions

Thanks to the combination of software, hardware and services, we cover the entire typical cycle of an IT project and we meet the needs of partners and end customers, as well as solving atypical individual needs. The range of software solutions and tools includes cloud platforms and storage, analytics tools, open source solutions and IoT.

Data and information management

Data and information management collects, manage access, and processes all company or organization data to support productivity, efficiency, and decision-making. We help to keep data secure, accessible and accurate which is essential for every company, regardless of size or industry.

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Vendor portfolio

We represent more than 25 manufacturers

We cooperate with a wide range of manufacturers, especially in the area of IT infrastructure, cyber security and software, including open source vendors. Our portfolio includes leading manufacturers such as Dell Technologies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Hitachi, Fortinet, as well as fast-growing technologies such as Pentera, Vertiv, etc.

Thanks to our wide portfolio, we can create solutions based on different, non-competing technologies and thereby multiply our added value, typically by integrating cyber security into the infrastructure, or increasing performance thanks to an optimized configuration.

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