What we do

We provide a complete cycle of preparation and implementation of complex IT projects. We supply solutions from major vendors. We ensure pre-sales and after-sales support, IT project financing, marketing services and IT education, data analytics, customized cloud solutions, and IT security.

Vendors and solutions

We offer technologies and products from industry leaders, from narrowly focused software solutions to sophisticated hardware. We supply solutions in the field of security, data analytics, servers, data storage, network infrastructure, or software.

We supply the hardware and software elements of the network infrastructure connecting IT, computers, and other devices within the network and communicating between them - cables, routers, firewalls, switches, routers, servers, network management software, and other equipment needed to operate the network. We help with the configuration of complex solutions, from analysis of customer needs to infrastructure designs, to technical and implementation support.

We distribute hardware components for data centers that meet the criteria of continuous availability, connectivity, and security, such as servers, data storage, routers, switches, racks, etc. At the same time, we supply accessories to reduce operating costs, increase efficiency, and reduce energy consumption and costs, e.g. cooling and backup device.

We work with leading manufacturers and suppliers who are leaders in the field of cyber security, ensuring the security of critical systems and sensitive information. We help you protect against digital attacks, protect your network, devices, applications, systems, and data, as well as set up security processes or training for your teams and your customers.

Thanks to the combination of software, hardware, and services, we cover the entire typical cycle of an IT project and meet the needs of partners and end customers, as well as solve atypical individual needs. The range of software solutions and tools includes cloud platforms and storage, analytics tools, open-source solutions, and IoT.

Data and information management collects, controls access to, and processes all company or organization data to support productivity, efficiency, and decision-making. We help keep data safe, accessible, and accurate, as it is critical to every company, regardless of size or industry.

Services DNS

We support our partners in the entire course and individual steps of the distribution process. We individually consult and analyze each project together with a partner according to the needs of the end user. We emphasize a comprehensive customer approach, including after-sales support.

We can do more. We consider renting demo equipment and project management by a dedicated manager as an industry standard. We also offer a number of training and certifications and we are able to finance the whole project. We supplement the mix with marketing services and have set up a partner portal with order status and an online marketplace for partners.

Implementation and a technical support

We supplement the competences of partners during implementations and other support such as so-called "middle-ware" - we "cover our partners' backs".

What services can we provide for you:

  • implementation of a training/workshop (providing an organization or lecturer),
  • implementation of conferences and partner events,
  • management and use of manufacturers' marketing funds,
  • elaboration of case studies,
  • provision of advertising and promotional materials,
  • PR support.

We have united professional services across our company under ServiceHUB.


We have unified professional services across our company under the banner ServiceHUB.

We offer our professional services as technical services, project management, and add-on services:

Technical Services:

  • Analytical Services & POC
  • Consulting services and pre-sales support
  • Implementation & APOS services


Find more information on the ServiceHUB page.

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