Terms and Conditions

Abridged Terms and Conditions

The full text of the terms and conditions is available for download in the attachment below the text.

Offer and its acceptance

DNS prepares a DNS offer for the Partner based on his request, on the basis of which he determines the terms and scope of product delivery according to his current product offer.

After receiving the DNS offer, the Partner is obliged to confirm this offer in the prescribed manner and no later than the validity period of the offer by means of an e-mail message without a guaranteed electronic signature or electronic mark and a qualified time stamp to the e-mail address from which the Partner sent the offer he has received. If the DNS offer is in a foreign currency (EUR, USD) and the Partner requests invoicing in this currency, the Partner is obliged to explicitly state this fact in the acceptance of the DNS offer. If you do not specify this, the prices listed in the offer in a foreign currency will be converted to crowns at the current exchange rate on the day of invoicing (UniCredit Bank, foreign exchange, sale).


DNS will deliver to the Partner the products listed in the DNS offer exclusively on the basis of the accepted DNS offer.

DNS is fully dependent on deliveries from manufacturers and other suppliers to meet the delivery dates specified in individual DNS offers. For this reason, the delivery dates are kept as preliminary. DNS will make every effort to meet the delivery date, but does not guarantee that it will be met. The exact delivery date will be communicated to the Partner at least one working day before the delivery.

DNS has the right to suspend performance according to any DNS offer due to unpaid obligations to DNS after the due date or due to the Partner's delay in fulfilling other obligations. DNS will always communicate these reasons to the Partner immediately.

Payment Terms

In doing business with our company, the following payment terms can be applied:

Payment on invoice

On the basis of the requested financial documents during the Partner's registration, the DNS financial department will assess the possibility of delivering products on the basis of an invoice with a deferred maturity, determine the maturity date and determine the maximum amount of issued and unpaid invoices (hereinafter referred to as the "credit limit") and any securing of the Partner's obligations, which will be requested by DNS.

DNS has the right to subsequently withdraw or reduce the credit line and the specified maturity due to unpaid obligations to DNS after the maturity date or in the event that there is a significant change in the conditions on the financial market or there is a deterioration in the current financial the situation with the Partner, or there may be another significant change in the market.

Payment in advance (proforma invoice)

In the case of advance payment, the Partner pays the purchase price of the products according to the DNS offer, including value added tax, before the actual delivery of the products, based on the advance invoice issued by DNS. For selected products, DNS reserves the right to demand payment of the purchase price before ordering the products from the manufacturer itself or a third party.

In the event that the advance invoice is not paid by the due date, the DNS offer is canceled without further ado, in which case DNS has the right to demand a contractual penalty from the partner as a cancellation fee in the amount of 5% of the price of ordered and uncollected products, when the right to damages are not affected.

The invoice or advance invoice will be considered paid when the corresponding amount is credited to the DNS account. All amounts credited to the DNS account must be free of any fees or charges. All costs associated with the payment of individual invoices are covered by the Partner.

The ownership of the goods is transferred to the Partner only after payment of the purchase price.

Warranty period

DNS is not the manufacturer of the products, therefore, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, the company DNS forwards to the Partner the warranty terms and guarantees provided by the manufacturer of the products to the company DNS.

Other warranty periods than those stated in the previous paragraph, e.g. on delivery or warranty certificates, are not binding for DNS. DNS expressly draws attention to the possibility of negotiating an extension of the specified standard warranty period for a fee. This extension must be arranged as part of the DNS offer.

The full text of the terms and conditions is valid from October 20, 2021.