Who we are

We build long-term relationships with our suppliers, partners, and colleagues and cover the complete cycle of preparation and implementation of demanding IT projects.

About DNS and our teams

We are an important link between manufacturers of information technology and hardware and providers who further mediate them to end customers.

Our role in the IT project

We provide a complete cycle of preparation and implementation of IT projects, including not only pre-sale proposals, the actual implementation, or after-sales support.

We also help with the financing of IT projects. As a Value Added Distributor (VAD), we also provide additional services and support beyond normal distribution. We have an extensive team for marketing services and business support as well as education and certification. Thanks to superior product expertise, we offer our partners better service and customer care, professional services incl. implementation and project management, testing, training, certification, and further education.

We are a leader in value-added distribution

We have been operating in the Czech market for more than 25 years, including 5 in Slovakia. We have become a successful, self-confident, and financially stable company with a turnover exceeding 3.5 billion crowns employing over 100 employees.

Strategic initiatives and DNS companies

We constantly create initiatives and new projects to develop our competencies and services for our ecosystem. We expand the portfolio of manufacturers and create new teams for them. We introduce new business channels and the highest standards of service, as well as focus on our own efficiency and planning and other programs in line with strategic goals.


We are increasing our market share in VAD and expanding our offer with technical and non-technical services. We bring quality services to everything we offer and whom we represent, including project management, implementation support, consultations, etc.

Partner Development

A program aimed at new partners and those with whom we develop new technologies or help them with the development of their IT projects.


An established training portal with more than 15 years of history, formerly known as KEY Trainings, offering a wide range of training products and more specialized IT content and soft skills.



With its 40 certified experts, Datron provides services in the field of information technology, including an offer of licensed products and professional, mostly international certifications, which the company and its employees must regularly defend.


We are part of eD group

eD group is an ecosystem of companies in the field of IT, business, software solutions, communication, e-commerce and technology with 30 years of experience, more than 700 experts and sales exceeding 16 billion.

eD system

eD system is a leader in volume B2B distribution in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and offers products from top brands in the IT and consumer electronics market.


E LINKX develops its own software solutions for trade, warehouse, and logistics incl. ERP system Esyco Business, whose goal is the management of company processes.

Digital First Marketing Group (DFMG)

Holding DFMG creates marketing projects specializing in the production and IT distribution market.

Technology Hub

Technology Hub is an innovative platform for the development of new projects, innovations and startups specializing in the production and distribution market.

Mission and vision


We build distribution based on long-term trust between partners and continuous improvement of our people's capabilities. We listen carefully and together we can choose the best solution so that we bring real added value to each new project.


We create a distribution for the future.

One that will always be one step ahead and enable our partners and suppliers to successfully implement projects of various sizes and demands.



"We create a new standard of service."

We create a new standard of solutions and services. A standard in which maximum effort and the will to do something extra for our partners and suppliers, but also for our colleagues, is a matter of course.


"We build on trust and respect."

We build long-term relationships with our suppliers, partners, and colleagues. Mutual respect and trust allow us to design solutions that really work.


"We work as a team and listen to our customers."

We are never alone in the ICT distribution chain. Neither as a company nor as individuals. Thanks to a human approach and teamwork, we can better understand the customer's needs and come up with a better solution.


"We support innovation and creativity. We are looking for new ways."

We support creativity and value the courage to innovate. We build teams of people who enjoy looking for new paths and developing our field.

We help

We support the Společné (k)roky foundation, which we established together with Adastra and Dell Technologies, and contribute to the future success and happiness of children from orphanages.

Our main programs are psychological care, scholarships, education support and health care, but also supervision for educators, summer children's camp or weekend events for children. The goal is to prepare children for an independent life after leaving home and to support them effectively and efficiently during this difficult time. We are looking for volunteers, patrons and donors. Join us and help in any way you can!