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Commvault vypisuje tři tématické semináře – obchodní, technický a marketingový. Všechny semináře jsou přednášeny v aglickém jazyce.



Sales Webinar: How Commvault Solution Sets Benefit You and Your Customers 

Explore the myriad advantages of selling Solution Set licensing to your customers and how they’re different from other Commvault licensing options.

Session 1: Tuesday, April 17 at 11h00 CET (30 minutes)

Session 2: Tuesday, April 17 at 15h00 CET (30 minutes)





Technical Webinar: Simplify Your Life with Commvault Solution Sets - A Technology Deep Dive  

Learn how installation, management and self-service enablement are simpler than you can imagine in virtual, mobile and email environments for our three most popular Solution Sets.

Session 1: Thursday, April 19 at 11h00 CET (60 minutes)

Session 2: Thursday, April 19 at 15h00 CET (60 minutes)





Marketing Webinar: Easily Grow Your Commvault Business With New Automated Campaigns

Discover customizable campaigns that can help you upsell to existing customers and reach new ones, with leads delivered directly to your business.

Session 1: Monday, April 16 at 15h00 CET (30 minutes)

Session 2: Wednesday, April 18 at 11h00 CET (30 minutes)