Anonymous plánují DDoS útoky na celosvětové banky

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Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) is issuing an alert on #OpIcarus, a new attack campaign planned by Anonymous against the banking industry. OpIcarus is expected to start at 6am UTC on February 8th 2016, with the purpose of taking down the banking industry and its services. In the center of the attack are the Bank of England and the New York Stock Exchange, and many other national central banks that are listed as potential targets – all are members of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

These types of attacks can lead to network or services downtime, complete shutdown of network and application services, Internet pipe saturation, defacement, loss of reputation and revenue, stolen data and more.If you are in the financial industry, or worried about DDoS attacks, Radware urges you to put in place security protections for DDoS attacks prevention and mitigation. Radware calls parties under attack to contact Radware’s ERT directly for immediate, real time mitigation and protection from downtime.


To learn more about these attacks and how to stay protected, you can follow updates from Radware's ERT in this alert.