Novicom is a Czech manufacturer of tools for network management, monitoring, and security, which achieves above-standard security and operational reliability. It is aimed at customers requiring a high degree of security and operational reliability of their networks.

Novicom, s.r.o. is a Czech manufacturer of tools for network management, monitoring and security. Thanks to its own technologies, it achieves above-standard security and operational reliability, even in large distributed networks. Novicom has been active in the IT market since 1994 and focuses on medium and large customers who require a high level of security and operational reliability of their networks. In addition to the Czech Republic, it promotes its solutions abroad as well.

Novicom is trying to gradually expand its product portfolio so that it is able to fulfill its vision of Active SOC.

Novicom's key products are ADDNET, BVS and ELISA.

AddNet is a unique DDI/NAC tool for exponentially increasing the efficiency of managing the IP address space and managing access security in large networks. AddNet fully supports the upcoming trend of outsourced security supervision, the so-called external SOC (Security Operations Center). Thanks to AddNet, SOC operators can fight hackers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the company.

The effective operation of the SOC is supported by another Novicom product – BVS (Business Visibility Suite), which is a tool for clear visualization of network communications of IP devices and modeling of the connections between business services and IT infrastructure. BVS facilitates the connection (onboarding) of the company to the SOC service. It ensures continuous transmission of the necessary information about the status of network devices in the company's network and, above all, can provide SOC operators with information about the possible consequences of attacks or what will happen to the company's operation after disconnecting specific devices.

Novicom ELISA Security Manager is a tool for collecting and evaluating cyber security events. ELISA is a robust, powerful yet very cost-effective solution for log collection, correlation and analysis. The system provides high comfort when analyzing detected security incidents and relevant logs. ELISA is also an important part of the Active SOC (Security Operation Center) strategy, which Novicom, together with its SOC partners, is trying to establish on the market.

Novicom ADDNET for efficient management of network services and network access control, together with the Novicom BVS solution for visualization of network devices, including their connection to business processes, and the Novicom ELISA tool for collecting and evaluating cyber security events, form a unique portfolio that prepares customers for rapid and a seamless connection to the SOC service.

Customers using this product platform can then take full advantage of the above-standard services of the Active SOC. Thanks to this, the selected SOC operators are able to guarantee a fully qualified active response to cyber attacks in 24x7 mode without the necessary cooperation with the customer's system administrators. This fully corresponds to the current trend of using top security supervision (SOC) as a service. This eliminates the economic disadvantage of acquiring a complete spectrum of single-purpose technologies and the need to have a highly specialized in-house team capable of confronting professional hackers at any time.


NOVICOM products and related services are provided by the Security division.

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