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Přijměte srdečné pozvání na webinář: Analytics Accelerate (Securely) into the Cloud

3.listopadu, 2020  |  v 17:00

Today, every enterprise is a data company: collecting, storing, and processing high-value data for insights and innovation. But traditional IT isn’t flexible or scalable enough to manage the explosion of data at rest, in transit, and in use in analytics platforms and data lakes. 
Forward-looking enterprises are using data-centric security to protect privacy and unleash the power of secure analytics. With the expansion and overhead of IT infrastructure, the cloud becomes an easy choice for its virtually infinite scale, on-demand provisioning, high availability, and many other advantages. 
But frequent data breaches in the cloud mean security and privacy concerns are also increasing—and presenting barriers to rapid cloud adoption.

Join us on for this webinar on Tuesday, Nov 3rd  to learn how businesses are removing the obstacles to data protection and privacy in the cloud. You’ll discover how you can:

•      Simplify the acceleration of analytics into cloud environments through cloud-agnostic, data-centric protection.
•      Provide faster decision support and add business value while dramatically reducing the risk of data breach and privacy non-compliance in multi-cloud deployments.
•      Take advantage of native cloud services for ETL, object storage, streaming, data lakes, visualization, data discovery, catalog, and other services—all seamlessly integrated with data-centric security.

Sid Dutta, Micro Focus Voltage



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