Update on deal registrations to the state administration

13. 04. 2023News

Update on deal registrations to the state administration

ATTENTION - Update on deal registrations with the state administration

Effective April 24, 2023, a partner must upload documentation demonstrating sales and marketing activity for all government government (GOE) customer deal registration applications. This documentation must already be provided when applying for deal registration.

IBM will review and verify the uploaded documentation and grant deal registration only if the documentation is sufficient and will use reasonable efforts to verify the documentation within 24 hours.
Through this process, partners can demonstrate their added value on a specific opportunity and improve the deal registration process overall.

Once the document uploading and verification process is in place, it will no longer be necessary to carry out the subsequent SW compliance process.

For software deal registrations completed before April 24, 2023, IBM will continue to perform the SW compliance process at order delivery.

See the 2023 IBM PartnerPlus Incentive Program for Business Partners document for more details.