HPE GreenLake Storage MP brings a comprehensive way to manage data.

13. 04. 2023News

HPE GreenLake Storage MP brings a comprehensive way to manage data.

A high-performance, scalable disk array for block and file services with a great price/performance ratio. Not only that, HPE GreenLake Storage MP.

HPE introduced a new solution for data storage, protection and management. This solution consists of the Alletra MP modular disk array, the cloud management GreenLake Data Services Cloud Console and integration into other GreenLake services such as Backup and Recovery or Disaster Recovery. The modularity of GreenLake storage MP lies in the ability to scale both capacity and performance, and the solution can literally grow with the user's needs. Customers have two variants of MP storage available: GreenLake for Block Storage MP, for storing data blocks and GreenLake for File Storage MP, for storing files.

Benefits that the HPE GreenLake Storage MP solution brings to users:

Simple cloud management.

Field management is provided by the GreenLake Data Services Cloud Console. DSCC brings the simplicity, speed and efficiency known from cloud environments to field management. The initialization and setting of the field can be done literally with a few clicks of the mouse, and management does not require deep storage knowledge of administrators. Of course, the highest possible level of security, including defining access rights based on roles, or encrypted communication.

High performance and scalability.

High performance and scalability of disk array capacity is enabled by the Alletra MP architecture built on state-of-the-art hardware. The array has controllers working in active / active mode, capacity implemented on NVMe hard disks, front-end iSCSI / FC / NVMe connectivity, back-end NVMe connectivity, the ability to scale capacity by adding disks or entire capacity nodes, the ability to scale performance by connecting controller nodes.

100% data availability.

100% availability of data, their high protection and efficiency is ensured by the rich equipment of the field. Topics include: snapshots, clones, thin provisioning, deduplication, compression, encryption, replication, etc. It is not without interest that all licensing is included in the price of the array.

Excellent price vs. performance ratio.

With GreenLake storage MP, the user gets an array of mission-critical parameters at a price corresponding to a mid-range number of arrays. Of course, it is possible to use MP storage as a service within the GreenLake program.

HPE GreenLake Storage MP represents a significant evolutionary step in the HPE storage portfolio. It has ambitions to build on the success of HPE 3PAR disk arrays and become a leader in the field of block and file storage. More information can be found HERE.