GREYCORTEX: Protecting hospitals from cyber attacks

10. 05. 2023News

GREYCORTEX: Protecting hospitals from cyber attacks

Hospitals and medical facilities are threatened by both random and targeted cyber attacks. They operate with a wealth of personal sensitive patient data that attackers use for extortion and are highly valued on the black market. In addition, hospitals operate a critical information infrastructure, the breach of which can endanger human lives. The protection of these systems is necessary not only from the principle itself but for some devices it is also given by cyber law.

Hospitals as a lucrative target for cybercrime

With the increasing number of cyber-attacks on healthcare facilities, it is essential for hospitals to protect their systems, which, among other things, fall under the cyber law as critical information infrastructure. This means the need to detect cyber threats in the internal network and store data from the network long-term.

The ideal solution for providing convenient and fast visibility into the network is a tool that can handle the work of a large team thanks to machine learning. It detects any weaknesses in the network, draws attention to them, and is thus usable even in cases of insufficiently dimensioned hospital cyber security departments.

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Greycortex uses advanced methods of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis to secure computer and industrial networks for network security monitoring. It combines network traffic analytics to provide unique network visibility, visualize network communications, and detect risks and threats.

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