Cesta: Aktuality / HP vyhrálo tender na zasíťování haly a zázemí pěvecké soutěže EUROVISION.

HP vyhrálo tender na zasíťování haly a zázemí pěvecké soutěže EUROVISION.

Počítalo se s 15 000 uživateli, 6 000 se připojovalo současně.

Internet byl zdarma a veškerý provoz utáhlo 232 Access Pointů HP 425 bez jakéhokoliv výpadku.


Více informací od Larse Kølendorfa (Director, Wireless Business, HP Networking, EMEA):


"Dear all,


The 2014 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is now over and the winner is…..HP…… (and Austria of course, congratulations)


As many of you know, HP Networking was the network of choice for the LAN and Wi-Fi solution.


We have deployed a network with free Internet access to everyone – approx. 15.000 people in total.


We saw up to 6.000 online users concurrently and had no failures reported. Amazing result for a very challenging task.


It has been some very long and hard days for the team but it was a fantastic success and a great reference story for high-density wireless solutions from HP.


Thank you very much to HP Denmark for winning this deal, and to all the people that have been involved in staffing and supporting the event, and a special thank you to Lennart Bess who have been driving the WLAN implementation, troubleshooting and monitoring on-site at the show.


We will share a lot of more info, but here is a few highlights:


2 pcs. 7500 switches IRF stack with 10G uplink to wiring closet

2 pcs. Wireless controllers

19 pcs. 2920-48G-PoE 10G uplink

232 pcs. HP 425 Access point. 39 with external antennas.

Concurrent users approx. 6000.

Max Band width (WIFI) 140Mbp during the show for internet access (audience)

Total Bandwidth WIFI approx.. 230Mbp (incl. Press, production and Delegates)


I am really proud of the results and the teamwork, and extremely happy to have a great reference case that can be used to prove that HP can deliver high density wireless solutions.


Best regards.


Lars Kølendorf"


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